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Plants vs. Zombies Online

Zphinx - Day 4/Elite

Location Zphinx
Type Adventure
Difficulty Easy
Fighting Power 1361
Combat Energy Maximum Replays
10 3
Conehead Mummy2 x1 Flag Mummy Zombie2 x2
First time Town Prosperity +160
Experience Pvz2goldcoin Coins Drops
1000 292 PvZOWhite7PP, PvZOWhite8PP
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Zphinx - Day 4 is the fourth level in the Elite version of Zphinx in the Adventure Mode of Plants vs. Zombies Online.


  • The only difficulty in this level is all the zombies featured in this level have slightly higher health than normal Mummy Zombies.


Conehead Mummy2

Conehead Mummy x1

Health: 4586
Fighting Power: 457
First Strike: --
Special: [Low-level attack and defense]
Attack: Deals damage to target.
Skill: The zombie uses its bandage whirlwind to attack, posing a threat to enemies in front of it.
Leader Skill: [Primary militantness high]

Flag Mummy Zombie2

Flag Mummy Zombie x2

Health: 3780
Fighting Power: 452
First Strike: --
Attack: Heals the ally with the lowest health by percentage.
Skill: Waves a flag, encourages zombies, heals three allies with the lowest health by percentage.
Leader Skill: [Primary militantness high]


  • Drag the plants you need into the lawn and you should win. Using other users' plants is recommended, as you will have more power.


25 Sprouts-0
Gosh, I can grow leaves!
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