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Zomburger Artist

"Hi! Welcome to ZOMBURGER! You wanna deliver juicy Zomburgers? Ok, I make burger, you make delivery.. Oh you must be goat, it in contract!"

Zomburger Artist

Zomburger Artist is a character in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. It works at the Zomburger and is a playable character in the Delivery Quests released in the Trouble In Zombopolis: Part Two DLC. The player is required to race through various checkpoints in each quest in an effort to deliver burgers to the respective zombie that ordered them. Completing each quest rewards the player with coins which increase along with the difficulty as new delivery quests are unlocked. Upon completing the 10 quests given to the player, the long-awaited Delivery Badge will be awarded. Delivery Goat has one ability, the Warper Jr., which allows it to make a small dash forward to gain a temporary speed boost as well as to jump further if used in mid-air. It has a very fast recharge. Delivery Goat's primary weapon is Burg Bites, which it can use to take out plant pots that get in the way.


Warper Jr.

Delivery Goat gains a temporary speed boost.



  • The ability "Warper Jr." is a pun on the word "Whopper Jr." which is a famous burger found in Burger King and Hungry Jack joints. 
  • It can skid sometimes, which can be problematic when jumping off rooftops.
  • This is the only zombie character that has only one ability.

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