Zombot War Wagon is the boss of Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is controlled by Dr. Zomboss and is battled in Wild West - Day 25, Wild West - Day 35 and possibly Modern Day - Day 32. It is the Wild West variant of the Zombot based upon the Zombot Plank Walker. It has its legs and body modified. Its missile attack is derived from the Zombot Sphinx-inator.

Almanac entry

Zombot War Wagon

SPEED: Hungry

The stagecoach of destruction from the western wilds.

Special: missile attack can target mine carts

Ranchers and farmhands, abandon your fields. Rumbling down the dusty trail, this wagon was engineered to strike fear into the heart of any horticulturist who should encounter it. Dr. Zomboss normally doesn't take any bull, but this time he made an exception.


Zombot War Wagon absorbs 25500 damage per shot. Its appearance changes upon absorbing 6500 and 16500 damage per shot, before dying at 25500 damage per shot.


The Zombot War Wagon randomly performs one of the following actions:

Phase HP Summoned zombies
1 6500 Cowboy Zombie2 Conehead Cowboy2 Prospector Zombie2 Pianist Zombie2
2 10000 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2 (always carrying grate) Wild West Gargantuar2 (summons Zombie Bull Rider2) Zombie Bull Rider2
3 9000 Buckethead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2 (always carrying grate) Chicken Wrangler Zombie2 (summons Zombie Chicken2)
Chinese: Wild West Gargantuar2 (summons Zombie Bull Rider2)

  • It has a missile attack in which it fires multiple missiles whose targets are indicated by a target on the spaces. The missiles instantly kills plants, unless they are under the effects of Plant Food.
    • This attack can either fire at four of five tiles in a minecart column or at three random non-minecart tiles.
  • It will step back, charge, and kill any zombies and plants in a two-row range. It will stop before the lawn mowers and jump back. This attack can only be stopped with the Plant Food effects.


See Wild West - Day 25, Wild West - Day 35, and Modern Day - Day 32.


Chinese version


  • A Zombie Bull is seen on the wagon despite the fact that none are summoned in the battle, which means it is the only Zombot with an animal with it, although the bull is a robot.
    • The reason why there is a Zombie Bull on the wagon is explained in the War Wagon's Almanac, as it says that "Dr. Zomboss normally doesn't take any bull, but this time he made an exception." The word "bull" mentioned in the Almanac means "nonsense," but another meaning of the word is an animal of the same name, and the Zombie Bull is a bull.
  • Every Poncho Zombie it spawns contains a metal grate under its poncho.
  • If he spawns Pianist Zombie, The original Zomboss fight music will be changed to be their piano music until each Pianist Zombie dead.
  • If defeated while slowed down, its defeat animation will also slow down.
  • Although its Almanac entry states "missile attack can target mine carts" it meant that most of the time, Zombot War Wagon will target the plants that are in the mine cart. However, it can also target three random plants that are not on the mine carts.
  • Unlike Zombot Sphinx-inator, (which only fires one missile), it fires three to four missiles at a time. Zombot Tomorrow-tron was also the same, but this was only prior to the 2.4.1 update.
  • It is the only Zombot that has wheels on its feet.
  • If the Zombot is defeated then the player feeds the Lightning Reed with Plant Food, the thundercloud will not attack the Zombot unless after the player gets the money bag.
  • If the player feeds a Lightning Reed with Plant Food and it attacks the Zombot, the Zombot cannot do its charge attack while it is being hit by the thundercloud, due to the cloud being a Plant Food effect and Plant Food effects stop Zombot lane clearing attacks.
  • In Modern Day - Day 32, This is only Zombot in Part 1 that can spawn veteran zombies like Cart-Head Zombie and Rodeo Legend Zombie.
    • In the aforementioned stage, when the Zombot War Wagon is defeated and after the player collects the prize, any Citrons in the two lanes it occupies will shoot at it before it disappears.
  • When the missiles pop out of the Zombot's eye as it targets the plants, they are smaller. But when they are fired at the plants, they become normal size.
  • In the Chinese version of Plants vs. Zombies 2, it along with the Zombot Plank Walker and the Zombot Tomorrow-tron were not added until the 1.8.0 update.

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