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Zombie Yeti is a zombie the player encounters in Plants vs. Zombies. Along with being the 26th zombie encountered in Adventure Mode, he is also the last zombie encountered in the mode, as his first appearance is in Level 4-10, but after Adventure Mode has been completed once. After encountering him for the first time, he can be rarely seen in any other level in the game, but not in the seed selection screen.

Suburban Almanac entry

Almanac Card Zombie Yeti

Almanac entry of the Zombie Yeti


A rare and curious creature.

Toughness: high
Special: runs away after a short while

Little is known about the Zombie Yeti other than his name, birth date, social security number, educational history, past work experience, and sandwich preference (roast beef and Swiss).


Zombie Yeti absorbs 920 damage per shot and his appearance changes upon absorbing 460 damage per shot before dying at 920 damage per shot. Zombie Yetis drop four diamonds (five on the first time) when killed, but he runs away after a short while, so the player should kill him quickly to earn the diamonds.


Be ready to keep an eye at him, as he can appear in any level at any time. However, he is very rare. Just do whatever you do to kill Buckethead Zombies (obviously besides using Magnet-shrooms). If he tries to run away, he can be stopped by planting a Wall-nut or another defensive plant in his path such as Pumpkin or Tall-nut. If that proves insufficient, plants capable of firing backwards such as the Split Pea or Starfruit can be planted in front of him or an instant kill like Jalapeno, Squash, or Cherry Bomb. The cobs from the Cob Cannon can also work to one-shot at the Zombie Yeti, and instantly kills him. If he appears in Wall-nut Bowling, you can kill him with a single Wall-nut. Slowing him down or freezing him with plants such as Snow Pea or Ice-shroom can buy you some time to kill him before he gets away from the lawn.

Gold farming

One technique is to repeatedly attempt Level 4-10 (once completing it the second time), the only level in the game where the Zombie Yeti has a 100% chance of appearing. Because the Zombie Yeti yields four diamonds ($4000) when defeated, the gold farming application is obvious. The first time he is killed, he will drop five diamonds. However, if your version of the game has the Quick Play mode on it, Zombie Yeti sightings are just like regular levels, so it is necessary to reach that point in Adventure Mode after defeating him the first time. To be able to keep replaying the level, it is of extremely imperative that the player does not collect the money bag at the end of the level, or restarts as soon as the Zombie Yeti is killed.

The Game of the Year Version does not allow farming of this zombie, because you cannot spawn a Zombie Yeti again by restarting Level 4-10, although if you restart and you do not kill him, he will still appear. But if you have both versions, move the saved data from Game of the Year Version to the old one, and do gold farming there.


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  • Zombie Yeti is based on the Yeti (or Abominable Snowman) of Nepali folklore.
    • There is a similar character in the mobile game Zombie Cafe, which may be a homage to the Zombie Yeti in PvZ.
  • Zombie Yeti had his very own Facebook game. In some pictures of the game, Snorkel Zombie, Sun-shroom, and Coffee Bean also appeared. However, it was taken down for unknown reasons.
  • Zombie Yeti appears in Crazy Dave's music video Wabby Wabbo at the end and yodels.
    • Zombie Yeti also appears in the right top corner when the Zombie Bobsled Team appears in Wabby Wabbo and when the Dancing Zombie first sings.
  • Zombie Yeti is the only Almanac zombie that does not appear until after the player has finished Adventure Mode.
  • Zombie Yeti (except on level 4-10), Dr. Zomboss, Zombie Bobsled Team (except on Bobsled Bonanza), Backup Dancer and Flag Zombie are the only zombies that can appear without being shown in the seed selection screen.
  • Zombie Yeti, Gargantuar (and his variant, the Giga-gargantuar) are the biggest zombies (not including Dr. Zomboss).
    • Dancing Zombie is also about as big as the Zombie Yeti in some versions of the game.
    • Despite their size similarities, Zombie Yeti cannot crush plants.
  • In the mini-game Big Trouble Little Zombie, the small version of this zombie can appear but sometimes does not drop diamonds.
  • Zombie Yeti and Digger Zombie are the only zombies capable of walking in reverse direction without being hypnotized.
  • Zombie Yeti and Newspaper Zombie (once his newspaper has been destroyed) are the only zombies whose pupils are red.
  • The achievement Cryptozombologist is unlocked by spotting him (Zombologist for Game of the Year, iOS, and Android). Note that he only has to be seen, not killed.
  • Along with Balloon Zombie (while it has its balloon), Bungee Zombie, Zombie Bobsled Team (while they have their bobsled), and ZomBotany zombies, Zombie Yeti do not have a burnt animation. When they are incinerated, their bodies merely turn black and disappear, unlike other zombies.
  • Zombie Yeti is one of three zombies with feet that do not wear shoes, the other two being Jack-in-the-Box Zombie and Imp (this is assuming that Dr. Zomboss wears shoes as his feet are not shown).
  • Zombie Yeti has eight visible teeth, the most compared to other zombies.
  • If the player hypnotizes the Zombie Yeti, he does not drop diamonds.
  • When the player sees the Zombie Yeti in Wall-nut Bowling, he takes one hit but still leaves the screen when not killed. This is weird, as some zombies with lower health than him take two hits to die.
  • Zombie Yeti costume is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 320 Microsoft points.
  • Zombie Yeti, Digger Zombie (if it reaches the left side of the lawn by digging), Bungee Zombie, Catapult Baseball Zombie, Target Zombie and Dr. Zomboss are the only zombies that do not target the Player's House.
  • It is possible to encounter Zombie Yeti more than once in a single Survival level, although he will only appear once every flag (or every two flags if in Survival: Hard or Survival: Endless).
  • Zombie Yeti is one of nine zombies that cannot be used in Versus Mode. This is most likely due to the fact that he does not stay on the yard long enough to do much damage, if any at all. Other non-usable zombies include Zombie Bobsled Team, Imp, Balloon Zombie, Backup Dancer, aquatic zombies (i.e. the Snorkel Zombie, Ducky Tube Zombie, Dolphin Rider Zombie), and Dr. Zomboss.
  • In Stop Zombie Mouth!, if one looks closely, Zombie Yeti has three hands.
  • Zombie Yeti, Balloon Zombie, Digger Zombie, Flag Zombie, Dancing Zombie, Backup Dancer, Zombie Bobsled Team, Dolphin Rider Zombie, Snorkel Zombie, and Ducky Tube Zombie are the only zombies that do not appear while battling Dr. Zomboss.
  • He is the only zombie which always drops coins or diamonds, unless hypnotized.
  • When a Zombie Yeti bites a Garlic, he will not make a zombie's disgusted face.
  • On the Plants vs. Zombies Website, the Zombie Yeti and Dr. Zomboss appear in the Almanac, but only as shadows.
  • The Android version has a glitch that Zombie Yeti will never appear outside of level 4-10.
  • There is a glitch in the iOS version where if the player has updated their Plants vs. Zombies to the newest version, Zombie Yeti on the Almanac (when killed) will be erased into a silhouette. The only way to restore him is to replay Adventure Mode a third time.
  • Zombie Yeti is the only Fog encountered zombie which does not make noise when he comes to the player's lawn.
  • Zombie Yeti bears resemblance to the abominable snowman, another mythical creature seen in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer films.
  • His Almanac entry is ironic as, even though the Zombie Yeti is a "rare and mysterious creature," a lot of information is known about him.
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