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Zombie Stink Cloud in Gnome Bomb

Zombie Stink Cloud is an ability for the Foot Soldier. It creates a purple cloud that makes the area impossible to see through, also dealing two damage per second to any plants in the area of the cloud. Its alternate ability is the Super Stink Cloud.


It is based on a smoke grenade, a canister-type grenade used as a signalling device, a target or landing zone marking device, or as a screening device for unit movements.

Stickerbook description


Description about the Zombie Stink Cloud

A Zombie Stink Cloud stuck in a small canister is one of many Zomboss inventions. It not only blinds Plants, it hurts them too.



Try to throw it into a huge group of plants, or you can use it in Gardens & Graveyards mode around the garden to cover up your teammates and deal damage to the plants at the same time. A good strategy to use with the Zombie Stink Cloud is to throw it onto Potted Plants, as it will constantly hurt them from the smoke, rendering them useless until the smoke clears or until they die. Zombie Stink Cloud can also be used to stop a group of Cacti that are hiding in the backline. Because the smoke is impossible to see through, the Cacti will be forced to reposition onto another area where they can shoot without the Zombie Stink Cloud blocking their view.


When you see one flying, run before it hits the ground. But remember, Chompers can burrow through the cloud and not receive damage. As a Cactus, reposition to another spot if you are constantly being targeted by Zombie Stink Clouds. Alternatively, shoot something at it or get something in the way (like a Garlic Drone). If all else fails, try and jump as high as possible to block it in the air to prevent it from touching the ground, bursting it prematurely.


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