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Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick
DifficultyMedium-Hard (PC), Easy-Medium (iOS and PS Vita), Very Hard (Xbox and PS3)
PC Quick

Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick is a Pool mini-game where both plants and zombies are twice as fast as normal. There is a high concentration of Pole Vaulting Zombies on this level.




See Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick/Strategies

Snow Peas, Kernel-pults, Ice-shrooms, and Winter Melons are useful here because they slow down and stop the zombies that move fast in this Mini-game. Tall-nuts are also useful because they block the jumping zombies: Pole Vaulting Zombies and Dolphin Rider Zombies. Split Peas and Gloom-shrooms can also be used because they can still attack Pole Vaulting Zombies and Dolphin Rider Zombie after jumping so Tall-nuts are not really needed. Planting simple and cheap plants, like Lily Pad and Sunflower, can distract the jumping zombies.



  • The name is a reference to Jack be Nimble, an English nursery rhyme.
  • In this level, zombies slowed down by freezing plants move at the speed of themselves on a normal level.
  • Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick is not available on the DS, due to the fact it would make it near impossible because of the naturally fast graphics of the DS.
  • The picture of this mini-game's icon is the Pole Vaulting Zombie.
  • This level is good for obtaining the achievement Sunny Days, because it has 4 flags, sun falls from the sky faster and Sunflowers also produce Sun twice as fast.
  • This mini-game is easier in the iOS version, due to the fingers being more agile and faster than mice and controllers.
  • The four movement-restricted plants (Snow Pea, Ice-shroom, Kernel-pult and Winter Melon) sees a lot of use here, since the zombies are very fast, especially the Dolphin Rider Zombie.
  • Tall-nuts are useful here because there are jumping zombies: Pole Vaulting Zombie and Dolphin Rider Zombie.
  • Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, It's Raining Seeds and Bobsled Bonanza are the only mini-games that have four flags.
  • According to the LawnStrings, this mini-game's unused name is "Zombies on Speed".
  • In the French version, this mini-game is called "Zombies rapides" ("Fast zombies").
  • In the German version, it's called "Zombastisch" ("Zombastic").
  • If the player uses Cheat Engine, they will find that it closely resembles the speed hack.
  • Using Cheat Engine, this mini-game can be played in normal speed by adjusting the speed to 0.5 using speed hack.

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