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ZomBotany 2
VariationZombies have plant heads
DifficultyMedium-Hard (depends on skill level and strategies used by the player)
Zombo2 PC

ZomBotany 2 is the seventeenth mini-game in Plants vs. Zombies. It is a more difficult version of ZomBotany. It is mainly known for the plant/zombie hybrids (see below). Unlike its predecessor, the events of ZomBotany 2 unfold in a pool setting.




The ZomBotany Zombies.

Main Article: ZomBotany Zombies.

All ZomBotany Zombies also have Ducky Tube versions, with the sole exception of the Squash Zombie.

Community Strategies

Main Article: ZomBotany 2/Strategies.

Recommended Plants

Feel free to add your own strategy onto ZomBotany 2/Strategies.



Plants vs Zombies - ZomBotany 2 - How to beat it09:13

Plants vs Zombies - ZomBotany 2 - How to beat it

Strategy from 平渊 - Zombotany 2 no Sunflower Strategy06:06

Strategy from 平渊 - Zombotany 2 no Sunflower Strategy

Plants vs Zombies Zombotany2 (Simple strategy)07:29

Plants vs Zombies Zombotany2 (Simple strategy)


See ZomBotany for more trivia.

  • The track played for this level is different than its ZomBotany prequel due to the different setting. ZomBotany plays "Grasswalk" while this level plays "Watery Graves".
  • If the player hypnotizes a Peashooter Zombie or a Gatling Pea Zombie, it will still shoot at his or her plants through the back of its head. However, it will still eat other zombies. Hypnotizing a Jalapeno Zombie causes it to explode once it leaves the screen and destroy the player's plants, despite being a friendly comrade.
  • ZomBotany 2 and Air Raid both use the Gatling Pea, and they can still be accessed without buying it from Crazy Dave's shop.
  • Despite having about the same health as a Gargantuar, a Tall-nut Zombie can be instantly defeated by a Chomper. A Tangle Kelp, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno or Doom-shroom. Squash or Potato Mine will cause 90 damage but won't completely kill it though.
  • Even though freezing Peashooter Zombies with Ice-shrooms or butter prevents them from shooting peas, slowing them down with Snow Peas, Winter Melons, or the residue left behind by Ice-shrooms do not hamper that ability.
  • Editing the ZomBotany 2 data file (32.dat) to a separate file makes ambush zombies appear in the pool. These ambush zombies are always Ducky Tube normal zombies.
  • Apparently, the zombies' instant kills are stronger than that of the plants' instant kills, since the Squash Zombie can kill the Tall-nut in one hit while the plant Squash requires two hits to kill the Tall-nut Zombie.
  • In the iPad version, the Gatling Pea Zombie's head looks as if were kind of floating off the body, with a sharp tip supporting the head.
  • This is the only pool level that doesn't have ambush zombies.
  • In the icon for the iPad version, it shows a Jalapeno Zombie and a Gatling Pea Zombie at night.
  • According to LawnStrings, this mini-game's original name was going to be War and Peas 2, with "War and Peas" mostly likely being a pun on "War and Peace".
  • This and ZomBotany are the only mini-games where the Zombie Yeti will never appear even if encountered in Level 4-10.
  • In the iPhone/Android icon for the mini game, the Gatling Pea Zombie has no eyebrows.
  • Upon restarting many times, there is a chance that the Jalapeno Zombie will not appear. 

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