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History repeats itself but it
always gets the details wrong.
The content and images in this article are not fake. They are either scrapped or just a concept.

Placeholder Zen Profit
Earn a total of 100,000 coins through your Zen Garden.

Difficulty: Very hard

Zen Profit is an achievement that was scrapped from the iOS version of Plants vs. Zombies. To obtain it, the player would have to obtain a total of 100,000 coins from the zen garden.


This achievement is not actually in the game. This section is for how to obtain it as if it were.

Assuming selling plants would also give you progress towards this achievement, constantly playing Survival: Night for plants would be a great way to get this, as it has a 7/8 chance of giving you a mushroom, which sells for 10,000 coins when fully grown. If not, buying Marigolds would work the best, as they are cheap and easy to grow.

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Gosh, I can grow leaves!
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