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Plants vs. Zombies- Garden Warfare 2
Yeti Chomper
Yeti Chomper GW2
Health 175
Variant of Chomper
Arctic Belch
Abilities Goop
Super Sticky Goop
Sprint Burrow
Spiky Spikeweed
Chomp Cannon
Rarity Super Rare

Yeti Chomper is the Super Rare ice variant of the Chomper in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. This character was first revealed in a short clip on November 6, 2015, part of the Character Showcase series. It is shown that the Yeti Chomper is able to shoot snowballs which slow opponents, and eventually freeze them in place. However, these snowballs have limited range, as they curve downward the farther they are shot, similarly to the Engineer's projectiles. This variant is the only unlockable Chomper variant in the beta.


Stickerbook description

The Yeti Chomper hails from the frozen north. A frigid, barren tundra full of maple syrup, game developers, hockey pucks and bagged milk.

In-game description

His Arctic Belch can freeze Zombies from a distance, allowing him to close in for an icy snack!

Update History

Graveyard Variety Pack DLC

  • Decreased the digestion time after a chomp escape (i.e. your victim got away using anti-chomp ability like jackhammer)
  • Brought Chompers regeneration delay to parity with all other playable characters

Trouble in Zombopolis: Part One DLC

  • Tuned Chomper camera to be closer to the camera in GW1
  • Improved all digestion time upgrade multipliers

Primary Weapon

The Yeti Chomper's primary weapon is called the Arctic Belch. It's different from the other Chomper variants as instead of a chomp or a spray, he spits snowballs as a ranged attack. This creates different strategies to use this character correctly and effectively. The snowballs he spits out also arc, kind of like the Engineer's weapon. If you can hit the zombies enough times, it will freeze the zombies, temporarily preventing them from using their weapon or abilities.



Goop is Chompers' only "ranged" attack, purple goo is spit out. If an enemy is directly hit, they will take light amounts of damage over time, obtain lower speed (including turning around), and preventing the use of their abilities, making the zombie an easy target to chomp.


Burrow allows the Chomper burrows underground to cover a large distance quickly or to ambush zombies. Can easily be countered by Engineer's Sonic Grenade. While burrowing, the time remaining in burrow mode is displayed in a meter at the bottom of the screen, called Dig Power. Not moving will reduce the rate at which the Dig Power is consumed. The player may remain motionless once activating Burrow for approximately 15 seconds before being forced back to the surface.


Chomper deploys a Spikeweed, which snare zombies that step on it, making it defenseless from its adversaries and hung upside-down (deals 25x2 damage) for a short period of time or until being vanquished. Any zombies using improvised armor will have their armor destroyed by being caught in a Spikeweed, leaving them vulnerable. The Spikeweed can be damaged and destroyed by zombies. The player can have three Spikeweeds.

Super Sticky Goop

An alternate ability of Goop, Super Sticky Goop renders an enemy zombie unable to move, with the same reduced turn speed as normal goop. The downside is that the cool down is twice of the normal goop and its damage is halved.

Sprint Burrow

An alternate ability of Burrow, Sprint Burrow is just like Burrow, but faster and leaves the player underground with a shorter time.

Spiky Spikeweed

An alternate ability of Spikeweed, Spiky Spikeweed does increased damage to zombies caught for a total of 70 damage (35x2 damage). The downside is that only two can be stockpiled at a time, versus the regular three.

Rainbow Warp (GW2, Unicorn Chomper only)

The Unicorn Chomper dashes forwards quickly, similar to the Scientist's Warp. It is exclusive to the Unicorn Chomper and replaces the Burrow ability.

Chomp Cannon (GW2 Exclusive)

The Chomp Cannon does not goop zombies, but rather deals a great amount of damage. This is useful for attacking Foot Soldiers on the rooftops.


Playing as this Chomper well requires a somewhat different, but possibly better, play style. Combining his ranged attack with freezing capabilities will greatly benefit experienced players.

Firstly, know the range of your Arctic Belch. Although its range is clearly greater than that of a spray, it is not as good as that of some Scientists such as the Marine Biologists. However, the range from which you shoot determines your role in battle. Shooting from maximum range means you will primarily be support, slowing and freezing enemies so your allies can vanquish them. At mid and short range, you will be primarily offensive, using your slowing capabilities to close in for the chomp, or simply trying to do damage to weaken the enemy. Never stop shooting at a target, as even the small splash damage counts towards freezing an enemy.

Second, target groups of enemies. Generally, doing this as most other choppers means instant death. However, if you approach correctly, you may be able to get multiple chomps/vanquishes before you go down. Stay at range and use your Arctic Belch to weaken and freeze the group. Close in quickly and set up as many Spikeweeds as possible among the members. This will hold any enemies who happen to unfreeze for a few seconds longer. Proceed to chomp, using your Goop and Burrow to pick up anyone who should get away from the initial feast.

Also, remember that you have no true close ranged attack other than your insta-killing chomp. Beware of Engineers and Super Brainz as well, as both can easily take you down both at range and up close.



  • He has fluffy white hair on his skin, like Yeti Imp, Zombie Yeti, and Treasure Yeti. This makes the Yeti Chomper, Chester Chomper, Law Pea, and Unicorn Chomper are the only plants to have hair.
    • He also has horns.
    • He is the only plant which is based on the Abominable Snowman, or the Yeti.
  • He uses one gesture in the trailer. It resembles the leg part of the Gangnam Style dance. The first one uses the audio of the gesture "Happy Puppy" from the first game, but the second one has new audio.
  • He is the last Chomper variant to be added who has an elemental effect, as the Chomper already has a fire variant (Fire Chomper), a power variant (Power Chomper) and a toxic variant (Toxic Chomper).
  • He closely resembles Cold Snapdragon from Plants vs. Zombies 2.
  • He is the first Chomper variant that shoots non-Goop projectiles.
  • Yeti Chomper's Stickerbook description implies that he is Canadian.
  • Tattoos barely show on him due to his fur, they just taint his fur.
  • If you put a hat on him, his horns will go away, even when the hat isn't covering the horns.
  • According to Frost Rose's Stickerbook entry, the Frost Rose once rode him into battle.
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