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Witch Hazel2

Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel2
Witch Hazel uses magical sorcery to transform zombies into Puff-shrooms.
Almanac statistics
Sun cost 200
Recharge Slow
Special Prefers to target Wizard Zombies
Rarity (China) Legendary
In-game statistics
Recharge Slow
Unlocked NA: $7.99 · UK: £5.99 ·

MYR: RM26.99

Unlocked (China) Collecting 10 Puzzle Pieces
Witch Hazel Costume 1 Witch Hazel Costume 2
Witch Hazel paused, unsure how to proceed. Then, all at once, she knew: Use magic, like, ALL THE TIME!

Witch Hazel is a premium plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, tied to the 2016 Lawn of Doom event introduced in the 5.4 update. When planted, it transforms a zombie in its lane or an adjacent lane into a Puff-shroom. Once its ability is activated, it will be vulnerable. In other words, it takes 18 seconds for it to attack again. It always prioritizes Wizard Zombies.


Witch Hazel is based on the plant witch-hazel. Its name is a portmanteau of "witch-hazel", the real-life plant it is based on, and "witch", hence its appearance.

Almanac entry

Witch Hazel

RECHARGE: Sluggish


SPECIAL: Transform Zombie

Witch Hazel uses magical sorcery to transform zombies into Puff-shrooms.

Special: prefers to target Wizard Zombies

Witch Hazel paused, unsure how to proceed. Then all at once, she knew: Use magic, like, ALL THE TIME!

Note: In the Chinese Version, Witch Hazel can only transform zombies who is at a level lower than or equal with Witch Hazel.

Plant Food effect

When fed Plant Food, Witch Hazel will transform the closest zombie in its range into a Toadstool. If there are any Wizard Zombies in its range, then it will target them instead.

In the Chinese version, it transforms the zombie into a Fume-shroom instead.

Level Upgrades

Level Seed Packets Coins Upgrades
Sun Cost Recharge






Plant Food
Firing Rate



(Transform Zombies)

1 0 0 200 30 seconds 15 seconds 3 bites 60 nds 120 nds 17.25-18.25 seconds Puff-shroom2 Level 1
2 20 2,000 200 30 seconds 15 seconds 3.5 bites 62.5 nds 122.5 nds 16.5-17.5 seconds Puff-shroom2 Level 2
3 100 10,000 200 25 seconds 15 seconds 4 bites 65 nds 125 nds 15.75-16.75 seconds Puff-shroom2 Level 4
4 200 20,000 200 25 seconds 15 seconds 4.5 bites 67.5 nds 127.5 nds 15 - 16 seconds Puff-shroom2 Level 6
5 300 35,000 175 25 seconds 15 seconds 5.5 bites 70 nds 130 nds 14 - 15 seconds Puff-shroom2 Level 8
6 400 50,000 175 20 seconds 10 seconds 6 bites 72.5 nds 132.5 nds 13 - 14 seconds Puff-shroom2 Level 10
7 500 100,000 175 20 seconds 10 seconds 6.5 bites 75 nds 135 nds 12 - 13 seconds Fume-shroom2 Level 4
8 600 150,000 175 20 seconds 10 seconds 7 bites 80 nds 140 nds 11 - 12 seconds Fume-shroom2 Level 6
9 700 250,000 175 15 seconds 10 seconds 8 bites 85 nds 145 nds 10 - 11 seconds Fume-shroom2 Level 8
10 800 400,000 150 15 seconds 10 seconds 9 bites 90 nds 150 nds 9 - 10 seconds Fume-shroom2 Level 10

* Damage to non-transformable zombies (per shot)
**Plant Food transforms a zombie to a Toadstool of the same level of Witch Hazel and the column shows its damage to non-transformable zombies like Gargantuars and objects.

Costumed  (China only)

When fed by Plant Food with its costume, Witch Hazel will still transform the closest zombie into Fume-shrooms, but the Fume-shrooms will also activate their Plant Food effect.

Level Upgrades  (China only)

Level Upgrades Description
LevelIcon2New Witch Hazel Upgrade 1
Mushroom Surgery
The transformed Puff-shroom will temporarily be invulnerable for 3 seconds.
Combat Training
Witch Hazel gains 50% more attack power and health (150% of initial).
LevelIcon3New Witch Hazel Upgrade 2
Quick Cast
The invulnerable time for the transformed Puff-shroom will be extended by 2 more seconds (5 second of initial)
Cell Activation
Witch Hazel gains another 50% more attack power and health (200% of initial).
LevelIcon4New AbilityAwakendIcon
Ability Awaken
Witch Hazel may be boosted when planted.
Fighting Power
Witch Hazel gains another 50% more attack power and health (250% of initial).
LevelIcon5New Witch Hazel Upgrade 3
Efficient Cast
Witch Hazel can sometimes transform two zombies at a time.
Fighting Power
Witch Hazel gains another 50% more attack power and health (300% of initial).


Witch Hazel is a very interesting plant. Its ability to transform zombies into Puff-shrooms, seems insignificant at first, but can have some very tactful uses. These newly created Puff-shrooms can be used to stall zombies for a brief second, and they can also function as targets for Wizard Zombies and Octo Zombies. Keep in mind that Witch Hazel does not instantly transform Gargantuars into Puff-shrooms; it takes them three hits in order to defeat a Gargantuar, and even then, a Puff-shroom will not spawn from them.

Witch Hazel often struggles against hordes of zombies, so area-of-effect plants like Melon-pult and Phat Beet should be used to help it out. Additionally, Witch Hazel has a slow recharge, but Imitater can shore up this issue.

Keep in mind that Witch Hazel will not transform zombies above water in Pirate Seas and Big Wave Beach, but it will still instantly defeat them.

In Far Future, Witch Hazel can be useful at combating the Robo-Cone Zombie, Disco-tron 3000 or Mecha-Football Zombie as it can instantly transform them regardless of their health. Unlike Electric Blueberry, it will target them if they manage to get in front.

In Dark Ages, Witch Hazel can be an effective counter to the Wizard Zombie, as it prefers to target them more often than other zombies. Keep in mind though that if there are numerous Wizard Zombies coming out, Witch Hazel may not be enough to stop all of them.

In Endless Zones, Witch Hazel is generally a poor pick due to its ineffectiveness against crowds. While it can help early on in the level to stop early zombies, it becomes fairly ineffective past that point.

Much like Electric Blueberry and Caulipower, this plant truly shines in Last Stand levels where recharge is often disregarded, and the player can typically put 5 to 10 Witch Hazels on the yard before unleashing the zombie horde. Once again, the Puff-shrooms can briefly stun zombies while the Witch Hazels recharge.


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Witch Hazel2
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Witch Hazel2


  • If it transforms a zombie into a Puff-shroom while the Puff-shroom is boosted, the Puff-shroom will have its Plant Food effect go off every time a zombie is transformed into a Puff-shroom.
    • This also happens with Toadstool and sometimes level 4 Fume-shrooms in the Chinese Version.
  • The fact that its Plant Food effect features it turning zombies into Toadstools may be a reference to how witches turn characters into frogs and toads in children's stories.
  • It is the only plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2 to be able to target a specific kind of zombie, and one of three overall.
  • In the Zen Garden, it is shown that Witch Hazel has no eyes, even under its "hat."
    • This means that it is the second eyeless plant in Plants vs. Zombies 2, the first being Chomper.
      • Coincidentally, they are both premium plants.
      • However, when it is charmed by the Boombox Zombie's Ballad, It appears to have heart-like eyes.
      • In the Chinese version, Primal Rafflesia also don't have eyes.
  • Before the 5.7.1 update Witch Hazel's Almanac entry reused stats from Bloomerang's entry, even though they are not correct.
  • Buying this plant is a way of accessing Puff Shroom and Toadstool without Special Delivery or Locked and loaded if you haven't obtained both of them yet
  • It is the second premium plant that is capable of spawning another premium plant, which is Toadstool. The first is Escape Root, which has a chance of spawning Grapeshot.
  • It is the third plant tied to the Lawn of Doom event. The first plant being Ghost Pepper, and the second plant being Jack O' Lantern.
  • It is the second plant to change zombies to other plants, the first being Spore-shroom.
  • According to the developers in a Live from PopCap episode, it is the arch-nemesis of the Wizard Zombie. This is most likely because both are sorcerers.
    • This may explain why Witch Hazel prefers to target Wizard Zombie.
  • It is the slowest non-manual attack in the game, taking 18 seconds for it to attack.
  • Although it can turn zombies into Toadstools, which produce sun, it can still be used in Last Stand and Special Delivery levels. This was likely an oversight and not intended.

Specific to Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Chinese version)  (China only)

  • Witch Hazel is the only plant whose Plant Food effect doesn't match with the International version, with and without costume.
  • It reuses Stallia's sounds.

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