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For the Chinese version of the level, see Wild West - Day 8 (Chinese version).
Greetings Plant Rustler,
Agents are arriving to mark your brains as my property. Salutations,

Dr. Edgar Zomboss

I don't want my brains all marked up. It took forever to get 'em clean!

Crazy Dave

Wild West - Day 8 is the eighth level of Wild West in Plants vs. Zombies 2. To complete this level, the player must complete the objectives, "Survive a massive attack in the Wild West", and, "Survive without any lawn mowers." When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a Mystery Gift Box.


Pianist Zombies and Wild West Gargantuars are the hardest zombies in this level. The lawn's layout can also prove it as a detrimental too, as three columns are completely occupied by minecarts and rails. However, the player is given plenty of Pea Pods to aid. The indicated thing to do is to put Pea Pod onto a minecart, so huge damage can be delivered to any lane. This is important due to the two Wild West Gargantuars that appear in this level, which needs the player to use Pea Pods to their maximum power. Split Pea is mainly to deal with Prospector Zombie, which can be a nuisance if the player doesn't have enough at their disposal. Chili Bean should be used on Poncho Zombie, as it will help with the grate it could contain. It can also stun Wild West Gargantuar and give more time to finish it off. Wall-nuts will help delay the crowd.


The small number next to the zombie icon means that zombie will always appear in that lane, with 1 being the topmost lane and 5 being the bottommost one.
Waves Non-dynamic zombies Ambush zombies Note(s)
1 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2- None
2 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 None
3 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 None Always carries Plant Food
4 Buckethead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2+ None May carry Plant Food
5 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2- None
6 Buckethead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 None
7 Poncho Zombie2 Poncho Zombie2- Poncho Zombie2+ None Always carries Plant Food
8 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 None Split Pea2 is available
9 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 Flag Cowboy Zombie2 Pianist Zombie2 None First wave, may carry Plant Food
10 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Prospector Zombie2 Prospector Zombie2 None May carry Plant Food
11 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 Buckethead Cowboy2 None Always carries Plant Food
12 Wild West Gargantuar23 None
13 Conehead Cowboy22 Conehead Cowboy24 Buckethead Cowboy21 Buckethead Cowboy25 None
14 Conehead Cowboy21 Conehead Cowboy22 Conehead Cowboy25 Pianist Zombie24 None Always carries Plant Food
15 Poncho Zombie23 Poncho Zombie2-2 Poncho Zombie2+4 None
16 Buckethead Cowboy21 Buckethead Cowboy23 Buckethead Cowboy25 Prospector Zombie22 Prospector Zombie24 None Always carries Plant Food
17 Conehead Cowboy2 Conehead Cowboy2 Poncho Zombie2- Poncho Zombie2- Poncho Zombie2- Poncho Zombie2- None Always carries Plant Food
18 Flag Cowboy Zombie2 Wild West Gargantuar22 Wild West Gargantuar25 None Final wave

Poncho Zombie2 randomly carries metal grade
Poncho Zombie2- never carries metal grade
Poncho Zombie2+ always carries metal grade


  • The four minecart rails on this level will greatly help you to win this level.

Before the first Pianist Zombie appears

  • Immediately plant a Pea Pod on the first minecart track. Normally, a regular zombie will come, but in this level, a Conehead Cowboy comes. Defeat it quickly before two more Conehead Cowboys come. Also plant another Pea Pod on the second minecart rail then keep planting Pea Pods on that two minecart rails. Separate them to deal with each zombies.
  • A Poncho Zombie approaches. You can kill it even if it wears a metal grate to save Chili Beans, but it is better to use Chili Beans instead.
  • A Buckethead Cowboy and three Poncho Zombies come. One of them will not wear a metal grate, so use Chili Beans on the rest.
  • Prospector Zombies come, plant a Split Pea to deal with them.
  • Place all the Wall-nuts at the back. This is better because you do not have lawn mowers to accommodate you in this level and Prospector Zombies will most likely overrun your lawn along with the other zombies.
  • Remember to save Plant Foods.

Pianist Zombie appears after the first flag

  • Remember, those Pea Pods on the minecart rails must have five heads right now.
  • The Pianist Zombie's appearance with many Conehead Cowboys and Buckethead Cowboys will become a big problem. Many players that does not use Plant Food lose because of this zombie. So ignore them, focus on the Pianist Zombie and kill it whatever the zombies protect it. Use Pea Pods to deal it. Then quickly deal with the others by using Pea Pod's Plant Food effect.
    • Plant a Wall-nut one the third minecart rail and plant as many Wall-nuts as you can to protect from the dancing zombies.
  • When a Wild West Gargantuar comes, again, use Pea Pods to kill it. For now, it's quite easy, but be careful of the Zombie Bull Rider it throws. If it comes near to your Pea Pods, keep moving the minecart to make it impossible to move or smash your plant.
  • If another Pianist Zombie comes, do the same. It is easier now cause there are not too many zombies.
  • Before the final wave, ensure that you have another set of Pea Pods on the fourth column, second row, and fourth row, last row. This is to help you prepare for the last two Wild West Gargantuars that will arrive on those rows.

Final wave

  • Because two Wild West Gargantuars come, again use Pea Pods' Plant Food effect. A good strategy is Planting Split Peas behind them and using Plant Food.



  • Finishing this level unlocks the Giddyup! achievement.
  • There are only eleven Split Peas, five Wall-nuts, and three Chili Beans given to the player via conveyor-belt while Pea Pods are unlimited.
  • The first Wild West Gargantuar always appears in the third lane, while in the final wave, the second one is in the second lane and the last one is in the fifth lane.


Plants vs06:03

Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Wild Wild West - Day 8 (Gargantuar) PvZ 2 Walkthrough

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