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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!
Wild BerryH

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Wild Berry
Wild BerryH
StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health SunPvZH Cost
4 1 2
Set Premium
Rarity Uncommon
Class PvZH Kabloom Icon
Tribe Berry Plant
Abilities When played: This moves to another random lane.
What one word best describes Wild Berry? "Unpredictable."

Wild Berry is a premium uncommon plant card appearing in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Kabloom IconKabloom plants. It costs 2SunPvZH to play, and has 4StrengthPvZH/1HeartPvZH. Its effect moves itself to another random lane when played.


  • Class: Kabloom
  • Tribe: Berry Plant
  • Abilities: When played: This moves to another random lane.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Uncommon

Card description

What one word best describes Wild Berry? "Unpredictable."



As there is no guarantee on where Wild Berry will actually be placed on, unless every other lane is filled with plants, Wild Berry is more likely going to be a hazard to its owner than to the opposing team. The effect can prevent Wild Berry from destroying a key zombie, or take advantage of another Team-Up plant for cover. In addition, Wild Berry itself is not a durable plant. Because of this, it is usually not recommended to use this plant at all.

Despite its behavior, there are two lanes that the Wild Berry never moves to when planted; the lane it was planted on and aquatic lanes. This translates to the fact that the player can take advantage of this trait by planting the Wild Berry on a lane that the player does not want to end up having it on, as it will always move somewhere else when planted.

Sometimes, in early turns and there is one or two zombies on the lawn, you can use its ability to hurt directly at the zombie hero by playing it in the lane which has zombie. However, it will be like to be survived for 1 turn only.


Even though it has high strength, it is not recommended to use Rocket Science on it, as Wild Berry's health is low, so it can be destroyed in one hit by a weak zombie. Using low cost tricks like Bungee Plumber can easily destroy this.


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Wild BerryH
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Wild BerryH


  • Before the 1.2.11 update, there was a glitch that occurred when Seedling transformed into Wild Berry that caused it to not switch lanes, resulting in the next turn never coming. This forced the player to concede if they want to end the glitch.
  • Its description references its special effect.
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