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Weightlifter Zombie was a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies Adventures. He was introduced in The Sever Glades Level 1. He had lost his right arm, but has a very muscular left arm, and when he uses his barbell on a plant, the plant died instantly. However, this did not apply to the Hard-nut, as they could survive one smash. The Weightlifter Zombie's weakness was the Magnet Plant, which took the barbell and the arm holding it.

Facebook description

He lifts weights in order to make up for crippling anxiety over his merely average walking speed.


Weightlifter Zombie's barbell absorbed 40 normal damage shots, or it is lost when he attacks a plant (at this point he lost his barbell), and he died at 44 normal damage shots.



Use a Shamrock, a Bamboo Shoot, or a Repeater to kill him, since the Shamrock shoots far, so it won't get killed fast. Bamboo Shoot's projectile is very strong, but try to use Plant Perk on it to expand its range and to prevent it from dying. The Repeater is a good defense too, as it deals very high damage.

For Brainball, a good strategy for when one of these is spawned is to let him stay in the back until you get near a Wall-nut. Speed him up near it and let him eat the Wall-nut. If there are no more Wall-nuts, his dumbbell makes a good defense.



  • His handkerchief hat resembled the American flag.
  • When he was in the Magnet Plant's range, Magnet Plant attracted both the barbell and his arm.
  • When he lost his barbell, his speed remained the same, even though one would speed up after losing a heavy object.
  • He was the only zombie that can lose both of his arms.
  • Whenever he lost his barbell from damage, he played the same animation of him eating a plant.
    • One could hear a crunching noise be made when he drops it.
  • There was a glitch that when he tries to eat a plant, he would drop the barbell, but when so many shots were hitting him, the animation would keep on looping, and he would never be able to kill the plant.
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