Not to be confused with Weed Whack.

Weed Whacker is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. To earn it, the player must vanquish 100 of each plant class.


Weed Whacker is very similar to Hunting Season, except that you have to kill plants. This achievement will take a while to achieve but is not very hard to do. It is best to play in Gardens & Graveyards, since that it is the longest game and there are usually plants of all types. The best way earn this achievement is through lots and lots of gameplay as the Zombies, eventually one will earn it. You should not focus too much on getting this, as it will only stress or bore you out more.


  • This is based off the real life Weed Wacker for cutting plants.
  • The name of this achievement may be a reference to Disco Jetpack Zombie's Almanac entry.