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Wee Gardens are small gardens in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare that can only appear in bonus waves in Garden Ops. The player has to defend one to five of these before the zombies destroy it.


It is best to have a few players defending the Wee Gardens and one to defend the main garden. Surround the gardens with potted plants to defend the Wee Gardens, and make sure the Wee Gardens do not get heavily hurt or completely destroyed, which will make the player fail the bonus objective. As a Cactus, use Potato Mines, Potato Nugget Mines, Tallnut Battlements and Iron Maidens to surround the garden. As a Peashooter, use the Chili Bean Bomb and Sombrero Bean Bomb to blast zombies. As a Chomper, use the chomp and Burrow to surprise attack and eat the zombies, but make sure do not get too hurt. Finally as a Sunflower, use the Sunbeam or the Solar Flare Beam to quickly vanquish the zombies and the player can use the Dark Flower, if they have.


  • Unlike a normal garden, Wee Gardens wail and scream when they are damaged by zombies.
  • When under attack, the sign above their head will flash red.
  • If the player fails the objective or complete it and the wave ends, the Wee Gardens will automatically disappear.
  • If the player look closely, there is a garden to represent each playable character for the plants side apart from the Cactus. Peashooter, Sunflower, and Chomper-like scarecrows are in the center of said Wee Gardens.
  • Instead of targeting the Main Garden, zombies will target the Wee Gardens during the "Wee Gardens" bonus wave.