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Walnut Bomb (核桃炸弹; pinyin: hétáo zhàdàn) is a Tier 3 plant in Plants vs. Zombies: All Stars. It attacks zombies that are close to it by using a strong headbutt on them. It is the upgrade of Saturn Peach Bomb.

Plant Food effect

Destruction giant-explosion: Explodes and deals damage to all enemies on-screen with a "SPUDOW!" explosion. It requires Tenacious Plant Food to activate.



  • It has a semi-transparent body, with a brain inside.
    • However, it wasn't semi-transparent in the old design.
    • This makes it the only plant in the series with a visible brain.
      • However, this just might be the inner part of the nut, not a brain.
  • Its explosion is a "SPUDOW!" shown laterally inverted even though this expression is associated with the Potato Mine.
  • Somehow, it evolves from a Peach, in the form of the Saturn Peach Bomb, despite the fact that walnuts and peaches are two vastly different plants.
    • Even stranger is that Saturn Peach Bomb evolves from Cherry Bomb, making it a walnut that evolves from a peach that evolves from a cherry.
    • The reason behind the strange evolution line is because of its Chinese name, 樱 ("cherry"), 蟠 ("Saturn peach") and 核 ("walnut") all end with 桃 ("peach" in literal translation), it is just a pun on that word and there is no real connection between the real plants.
  • In the Chinese name, another pun is present, can be translated to "core/nuclear" (which is the real reason for walnut has this word, the edible part is in the core), and the Chinese of nuclear bomb is 弹, so it is explosive in the game and the original design has a radiation warning label and looks like a nuclear bomb warhead.
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