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Wall-nut Zombie1

Plants vs. Zombies

Wall-nut Zombie

Wall-nut Zombie1
This Zombie has a health of a Wall-nut
Almanac statistics
In-game statistics
Absorbs 65 normal damage shots
Special Has a health of a Wall-nut
First seen ZomBotany
Only appears in ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2

Wall-nut Zombie only appears in the mini-games ZomBotany and ZomBotany 2 and have the high toughness as a Wall-nut, meaning they take 65 shots. They are comparable to Buckethead Zombies but are unaffected by Magnet-shrooms. Tall-nut Zombies, their more powerful counterpart, take 120 shots, which is 30 less than a Gargantuar but still can be killed with any instant kill besides Squash and Potato Mine. Like other ZomBotany zombies, it doesn't have an Suburban Almanac entry.


Wall-nut Zombie absorbs 65 normal damage shots and its appearance changes upon absorbing 19, 37 and 60 normal damage shots before dying at 65 normal damage shots.


Wall-nut Zombies are equivalent to Buckethead Zombies in toughness, so most strategies against Buckethead Zombies will work against Wall-nut Zombie, except using Magnet-shrooms. It can be easily killed with an instant kill, but if you don't want to, just use a defensive plant to block and plant some shooters to deal with it, just like what you do with normal zombies. They are not a real threat comparing with the peashooting Peashooter Zombies because they don't shoot anything at you, so you can use the Garlic or a defensive plant.



  • Like Tall-nut Zombie and Jalapeno Zombie, Wall-nut Zombie has a cut tie (except in the Android version).
  • Wall-nut Zombie is shown as one of Dr. Zomboss's failed attempts at his shrink ray in the Plants vs. Zombies DS Trailer.
  • Wall-nut Zombie will lose its arm when its head turns to second downgraded Wall-nut.
  • It is similar to Buckethead Zombie, except Magnet-shroom does nothing to this zombie.
  • Wall-nut Zombies are weaker than Wall-nuts, as wall-nuts have 72 health and Wall-nut Zombie only has 65.

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