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Heed me! Wall-Knight is simply nuts about leading his fellow nuts into battle. And when they get together, they're hard to crack. For Wall-Knight, the longer a fight goes, the better for him...but NOT for you.

Dr. Zomboss

PvZ Heroes logo
Classes PvZH Guardian IconPvZH Solar Icon
Signature Superpower Uncrackable
Other Superpowers Geyser
Nut Signal
Bubble Up
He's a great guy - he just sometimes has a hard time coming out of his shell.

Wall-Knight is a plant hero in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and the leader of the PvZH Guardian IconGuardian and PvZH Solar IconSolar classes. His signature superpower is Uncrackable, which makes him unable to be hurt for the turn it is played, and gives him a card.

He is the hero version of Wall-Nut.


Wall-Knight is based on the nut of a genus Juglans, commonly referred to as a walnut. He may also be based on Shining Knight (which may allude to his Solar class), a comic book superhero of the Detective Comics franchise. The way the armor of Wall-Knight puts on may be a reference to Isaac Clarke's armor from "Dead Space."

His name is a portmanteau of "Wall-Nut," the plant that he is based on, and "knight," referring to the armor he has.


Hero description

He's a great guy - he just sometimes has a hard time coming out of his shell.

Strategies strategy

Wall-Knight uses Team-Up to build an invincible Nut fortress from which to lob bombs at unsuspecting Zombies.


Wall-Knight's two classes, Guardian and Solar, work very well with each other. Wall-Knight can protect his sun-producing plants like Sunflower behind tough Team-Up plants like Wall-Nut, allowing him to generate sun more safely. This means Wall-Knight can bring out powerful plants like Three-Headed Chomper or Soul Patch much earlier in the game, and with defensive plants guarding them, the opponent will have a hard time breaking through your setup and defending themselves at the same time. Wall-Knight can also guard aquatic lanes due to him having access to Amphibious plants, such as Water Chestnut and Guacodile.

Wall-Knight has many tricks from Guardian and Solar that can easily get rid of zombies while allowing plants with PvZH Truestrike IconBullseye or PvZH Strikethrough IconStrikethrough to safely hurt the zombie hero without getting hurt. Wall-Knight can get rid of gravestones with Grave Buster and get rid of other zombies with Squash or Lawnmower. Additionally, with Doom-Shroom and Shamrocket, both of which destroy zombies that have 4StrengthPvZH or more, and Chomper and Whack-a-Zombie, which can take care of zombies with 3StrengthPvZH or less, Wall-Knight can instantly destroy any zombie regardless of strength.

In fact, there are some synergies only Guardian and Solar plants have with each other. As such, Wall-Knight has arguably the strongest synergy among both nuts and flowers. Spineapple does not only boost the typical defensive plants like Wall-Nut, but also boosts Sunflower, Twin Sunflower and Sun-Shroom in the process. Smackadamia can boost Mixed Nuts on top of the other nuts in the Guardian class. Speaking of Mixed Nuts, it can be placed behind defensive Guardian plants like Water Chestnut. And finally, Poppin' Poppies and Steel Magnolia benefit Briar Rose and Power Flower greatly by instantly making more flowers or generally allowing them to take more hits, on top of being flowers themselves.

Wall-Knight can also turn into a healing wall by using Geyser and 2nd-Best Taco of All Time, as well as setting up Venus Flytrap, Power Flower and Pepper M.D. behind his defensive wall. He can also move plants around with Bubble Up or Gardening Gloves to move important plants out of the way of strong zombies. If Wall-Knight gets overwhelmed, Wall-Knight can use Uncrackable as his last straw.

Wall-Knight's flaw, however, is that he has no way of boosting his plants' strength, and his superpowers don't help cover it either, as they are all defensive. This means Hearty heroes can outlast Wall-Knight while breaking through his defensive wall with Rolling Stone and Weed Spray, leaving him and his plants vulnerable to any powerful zombie that may come out sooner or later. Fortunately though, Wall-Knight has access to cards like Squash, Lawnmower, Whack-a-Zombie, and Chomper, allowing him to instantly remove any annoying zombie threat. Still, the two aforementioned tricks are huge threats to him.


When you are against Wall-Knight, be cautious of a single Sunflower or Wall-Nut he sends out, as it could allow him to easily set up and be unstoppable in the late-game. Since Wall-Knight can stall for very long, it is recommended that you finish him off as early as possible. Use sheer force, instant-kill cards, or PvZH Deadly IconDeadly zombies to break through his defensive wall and ruin his offensive line too, especially Weed Spray.

Wall-Knight is also specialized at instant removal, as he can remove any zombie he wants with cards such as Whack-a-Zombie, Chomper, Doom-Shroom, or Shamrocket. In addition, he also has access to Grave Buster, meaning even zombies with the Gravestone trait are not safe. Play your zombies carefully and make sure zombies have a guaranteed chance to hit.

Strategy decks

Main article: Community-built decks/Wall-Knight
Wall-KnightH Pepper Power

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Put Pepper M.D. and Geyser to work together to big results. Three-Headed Chomper puts a healthy bite into your game - and the energy - as well.
Morning GloryH x2 Potato MineH x4 Grave BusterH x3 Pepper M.D.H x4 2nd-Best Taco of All TimeH x4
Pear CubH x4 Venus FlytrapH x4 GuacodileH x4 LawnmowerH x3 Power FlowerH x4
Three-Headed ChomperH x4

Wall-KnightH This is Nuts

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Mirron-Nut, Smackadamia, and their Nut pals go to work in this Strategy Deck that brings Wall-Nut Bowling in for a truly nutty finishing move.
SunflowerH x4 Wall-NutH x4 Jugger-NutH x4 Mixed NutsH x4 Pear CubH x2
SpineappleH x3 Whack-a-ZombieH x2 LawnmowerH x2 Mirror-NutH x4 Doom-ShroomH x2
SmackadamiaH x4 Soul PatchH x3 Wall-Nut BowlingH x2

Wall-KnightH Pop Star

PvZH Guardian Icon PvZH Solar Icon
Flowers will be bloomin' with the help of Poppin' Poppies. Meanwhile, Briar Rose and Power Flower harness the power of flowers to wilt the Zombie enemy.
Morning GloryH x4 SunflowerH x3 CactusH x3 Steel MagnoliaH x3 Twin SunflowerH x3
LawnmowerH x3 Metal Petal SunflowerH x4 Power FlowerH x4 Briar RoseH x4 Poppin' PoppiesH x4
Soul PatchH x3 CornucopiaH x2


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  • The player is able to unlock Wall-Knight after completing a quest as one of the player's choices. Spudow, Solar Flare, and Chompzilla are the others.
    • However, Wall-Knight can only be chosen after Solar Flare has been chosen, as he will take Solar Flare's place when choosing the player's next hero.
  • The rocket that appears in Wall-Knight's comic strip resembles the Rocket Science trick.
  • Wall-Knight is the only male Solar hero in the game.
  • Wall-Knight has access to the most instant-kill cards in the game.
  • His battle music is shared with Grass Knuckles.
  • If Wall-Knight is defeated whilst still in his superpower is still active (via conceding), no defeat animation will play.

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