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Vase Wrangler2
Vase Wrangler2 Vase Wrangler
Complete the Wild West Challenge Pack.

Difficulty: Hard

Vase Wrangler is an achievement in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It is achieved by completing the Western Challenge Pack, a group of three Vasebreaker levels set in Wild West. It is worth 10 points on Game Center for iOS devices and 1,000 XP on Google Play Games for Android devices.


Its name is a combination of "vase," referring to the vases in Vasebreaker and "wrangler," a person in charge of horses and other livestock. It is possible that the wrangler part of the name is a reference to the Chicken Wrangler Zombie.


See Split Decision, Chicken Skewers and The Mine Cart for strategies.


Achievements in Plants vs. Zombies 2
Tomb Breaker · Pottery Trained · Davy Jones' Vase · Vase Wrangler

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