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Vampire Zombie

Vampire Zombie

Vampire Zombie is a zombie in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. He is summoned by Baron von Bats in Garden Ops. When summoned, it will appear in a group of four, similar to the Backup Dancer. When the Legends of the Lawn DLC was released, the Vampire Zombie became a Spawnable Zombie. It has about the same health as the Conehead Zombie and heals itself for five health per attack, similar to Baron von Bats. Its attack is called Vampire Bite.



Description about the Vampire Zombie

Yes, it's possible for zombies to also be vampires. No, we don't think that's weird!



These are very similar to Backup Dancers, with an exception being that they heal themselves five health after attacking a plant. Use them as you would with Browncoat Zombies. (i.e. as a distraction and to help capture the garden.)


Vanquish them as you would with a Backup Dancer, (with a bit more caution than a Browncoat Zombie) but remember that they can heal themselves five health after attacking, so try to keep some distance between you and the zombie.


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