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This article is about an upcoming Plants vs. Zombies game. The content may change, and spoilers may be revealed. Read at your own risk!

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StrengthPvZH Strength HeartPvZH Health Brain Cost
- 6 3
Set Premium
Rarity Super-Rare
Class PvZH Crazy Icon
Tribe History Zombie
Abilities While you hold this: This gets +2StrengthPvZH when a Zombie is destroyed.
It's not easy hitting those high notes when all you can sing is, "Braaaaains."

Valkyrie is a premium super-rare zombie card in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes, and a member of the PvZH Crazy IconCrazy class. It costs 3Brain to play, and has 6HeartPvZH. Its ability will give itself +2StrengthPvZH every time a zombie is destroyed, but only when the zombie hero is holding this card in their hand.


It is based on a valkyrie, one of a host of female figures who chooses those who may die in battle and those who may live.


  • Class: Crazy
  • Tribe: History Zombie
  • Traits: None
  • Abilities: While you hold this: This gets +2StrengthPvZH when a Zombie is destroyed.
  • Set - Rarity: Premium - Super-Rare

Card description

It's not easy hitting those high notes when all you can sing is, "Braaaaains."



Valkyrie is a rather unique card, only starting without strength points. However, while it is in the player's hand, it gains 2 strength points for every zombie that was destroyed. This allows the player to keep it till late-game when it becomes capable of destroying anything, or play it early to mid-game where it has a decent amount of strength points and can become a threat.

It is best to play this zombie later in the game, due to many zombies have most likely been destroyed at that point, therefore, making this zombie even more powerful. If the player does not want to go offensive at the moment, they can use the Valkyrie due to its high base health, making it tough to defeat, even with little or no strength.

Try to keep this in your hand when you are picking your starting hand to maximize the effect it uses.

Since the Crazy class has a lot of low Health Zombies, the player shouldn't have much trouble boosting it. If the player is playing as Professor Brainstorm, you can use Teleport to place an extremely powerful Valkyrie into an empty lane to finish off the plant hero without worrying about plant tricks - or if the player is playing as Impfinity, use Smoke Bomb to move it into an empty lane.


It's best to bounce this if it has high strength, since when bounced, it will lose all of its strength points. Alternatively, the player can also use an instant kill such as Squash. Avoid having no plants to block this, because you can lose the game easily.




  • In the old title screen, the Valkyrie appears without its pink makeup on its cheeks. However, it appears with the makeup in-game.
  • This, Potted Powerhouse and Trickster are the only cards that have an effect that takes place only while in the plant or zombie hero's hand.
  • Its description mentions that the only thing she can sing is BRAAAAINZ. However, she does not sing this when she is played.
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