Winter Melon Vs. Gatling Pea

Winter Melon have damage Very Heavy (Freeze Zombies and deal damages) but very slow for recharge, very expensive for Buy Melon-pult (300 Sun Cost) and Winter Melon (200 Sun Cost) All Sun Cost 500, Slow Rate of Fire (1/2x) and expensive for Purchase Winter Melon on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies ($10,000 Cost). Meanwhile, Gatling Pea have damages Normal (For each pea) but very slow for recharge, very Cheap than Winter Melon Sun Cost (Repeater 200 Sun Cost and Gatling Pea 250 Sun Cost, Total 450 Sun Cost), and cheap for Purchase Gatling Pea on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies (Only $5,000 Cost, than Winter-Melon)



Winter Melon

Gatling Pea

Purchase Price

$10,000 Cost $5,000 Cost

Cost (Normal Plants + Upgrade Plants)

300(+200)Sun Cost 200(+250)Sun Cost
Damage(s) Very Heavy

Normal (For Each Pea)

Rate of Fire/Firing Speed 1/2x 4x
Recharge Very Slow (50 Seconds) Verry Slow (50 Seconds)
Upgrade of Melon-pult Repeater

Now, Which you favorite!