I just recently finished writing my first novel, and it's zombie-based (but not PVZ based). Through my zombie research needed for my book, I discovered several facts about them, even some Pop Cap might not be aware about. I have provided you with a few example questions.

  • Why are zombies evil? Zombies are not actually evil, and the Hypno-shroom is the only plant that knows it. If you look at the ReadMe file (that is, if you have one), it states they are only trying to satisfy their hunger. Simply put, they're nothing more than animals hunting for food.
  • If zombies don't breathe, why do they moan? This is a big misconception, and the almanac entry for the Snorkel Zombie is only half right. They do not breathe, but they do need air. Why? To communicate. Every moan, grunt, growl, etc. has a meaning, similar to that of a bird singing. Unfortunately, most of what they say is inaudible to us, which is why there seems to be silence between sounds. The Snorkel Zombie's snorkel allows him to continue to talk underwater, not because of peer pressure.
  • Why brains? The zombies in the game are not your typical zombies. In the real world, zombies will eat an entire person, including the bones. They view us as a multi-course meal, and will eat us until there's nothing left. Our brains are the sweetest part in us, so you could say the zombies in the game are only going after dessert.
  • Are zombies actually mindless? This is a difficult question to answer, and has left other experts in disagreement. Some say yes because they have only one goal in mind, which is to kill and eat us. Those who say no say that zombies keep coming up with different ways to try to get to us. I have implied that Pop Cap says no to this, as they were able to create 26 different zombie variations for the use of the game. So the real answer to this depends on your point of view.
  • Where do zombies come from? Multiple answers here, and it all depends on what game, movie, ot TV show they're in. Some of them, however, don't really show or tell how the zombies appeared. As far as the game, however, the only possible clue is the loading screen. There's a purple have coming from the sewers and graveyard on the right side of the screen. The problem with that is it's not for certain.
  • Do people become zombies when bitten? The main answer is yes, however, it largely depends what type of media you see the zombies. There are a few examples where becomming a zombie requires dying without being bitten, but not very many.

Do you have a question I haven't answered? Leave me a blog entry, and I will try to answer it for you.