I got a new tablet a few weeks ago, so I'm only just now going through It's About Time. However, in comparison to some other apps, there's something about it I don't understand, and it has nothing to do with game play.

With some of my other apps, you can aquire different items in two ways. You can either pay for it with real money through the app store, or rack up a boatload of in-game money and purchase it that way. I know Pop Cap has to earn money from the game somehow, but I have found that certain app stores (with 1Mobile Market being the only example I can think of) only distribute free apps and are incapable of supporting in-app purchases. How are people with those app stores going to experience premium plants? And should Pop Cap consider releasing a feature like this in an update? I know in-app purchases are much easier, but I find it so much more rewarding to have to work for things like that.