I thought it might be a good idea to have a strategy helper for the game. What I mean is, if you're having trouble with a level (specifically an Adv. Mode level), you can use it to help you figure out what plants to use. This would really help after finishing the game already. You can select the 3 plants Crazy Dave gives you, how many seed slots you have available, and the level you're trying to beat.

My main reason? I'm trying to go through my second round on DSiWare, and like the game card version, Crazy Dave's picks never change. so whatever he gives you, you're stuck with until you beat the level. I find this rather annoying, because on my PC, I can continuously restart a level until he actually gives me something useful, which I can't do on DSiWare (or my game card, for that matter).

What about you? Does this even sound possible? And if so, would it help?