I just recently became aware of a program called PVZ Tools, and what it does is it allows you to spawn whatever zombie(s) you want in whatever lane(s) you want. It gave me an idea for another program, which would basically be the same, but much more elaborate.

This idea I have is that it will allow you to choose your settings for the playing field, special rules, and anything else that would allow true PVZ fans to do things they would never otherwise be able to do. But the idea doesn't just stop there.

We all know that people have been making mods and minigames for Minecraft for as long as it's been around. Who's to say my program idea can't do the same? We could look at new plants, zombies, items, playing fields, and maybe even some of Crazy Dave's other friends. This could also entail some of what's on the Character Creator Wiki, thus expanding PVZ even more>

I know what I've mentionen is a lot to process all at once, but what do you think? Does this sound like something that could work out?