I don't understand this picture. It doesn't make sense. It says it the Pharaoh Zombie costume, but for what? Where in the game does this occur? I don't know what page this is on, but that's not my biggest concern. Why? Zombies want to eat brains. The cake has got to taste better than brains. Even I would go on the lawn to eat this. (Yes, I'm serious. I'm willing to risk my brains for this.) And if zombies like cake, he'd be targeted by his own kind, even by Zomboss. Maybe even Crazy Dave would go for this, I don't know. And since there's usually more than one per level...forget Pinata Party, just spawn a whole bunch of these guys. Oh, another thing - technically they could degrade themselves, if there's no plants to attack it. Who wouldn't eat their way out of this?

What are your thoughts? Do any of you kinda know what I'm getting at?