I've got the next puzzle ready for you. It's similar to my previous puzzle, but a little more difficult. Don't let that discourage you, though. Let's go!

What you see is the 2 Plant Strategy. Not successful, but fun to watch. I want you to plant it, completely empty it, then replant it again. You should be able to do that several times.

Once you reach the point where you cannot refill the lawn, follow the path provided. But be careful! The path twists randomly, and there are portals on the lawn. Make sure to plant cautiously.

As usual, you have a week. Good luck!

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 6

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 6

Okay here's the answer.

Let's start out with some math first. Both plants cost 25 sun, so that can be placed into each square. The lawn is 9x6, which is 54 squares. 54x25 gives us 1350 sun. Now we subract from that. We first hit 3650, then 2300, and lastly, 950.

Now we ned to work division. The final planting is in 25 sun units, and we have 950 left. 950/25=38.

Now we need to follow the path. Like in Portal Combat, we move to and from like portals. So we stop at F7, just outside the second set of portals.

I'm still working on new ones, so stay tuned!

New to the series? Go to my blog page and find the others. See how many you can solve before reading the solutions.

My next puzzle is now open!