Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner. I've been really busy with school work. Anyway, puzzle 4 is ready. Are you?

We now know hacking PVZ has many benefits. For this specific puzzle, I ran a hack and doubled initial sun count. You must start at EXACTLY double, or your answer will be incorrect. (If you use this setup without a hacking program, you will lose.)

Normally, I ask for remaining sun count. But not right away this time. I want to know how many Cattails can be planted BEHIND the Tall-nuts first. Then give me remaining sun.

If every space can be filled with lots of sun left over, don't give me remaining sun just yet. Figure out how many Spikeweeds can be upgraded, then give me excess sun.

I will be gone all of next week for spring break. You have until the Monday I get back to answer. Good luck! Zombieman1350 (talk) 17:30, March 8, 2013 (UTC)

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 4

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 4

Alright, here's the solution.

Like I said, initial sun is doubled, so you have 10000 instead of 5000. Calculating it correctly, the set-up I gave you ends up being 5000 sun, so you basically get it for free.

There's 12 spaces behind the Tall-nuts. And it just so happens that with 2000 sun left, all 12 Cattails can be placed. So you have plenty of sun for Spikerocks. But instead of counting it out, let's work some simple division.

Spikerocks cost 125 sun each, and you have 2000 sun left. So if you split 2000 sun into 125-piece units, your math should look like "2000/125=?" You'll get an exact 16 with no sun left over. You can upgrade 4 full columns with 2 columns (8 Spikeweeds) to spare.

I'm still making more puzzles, so be sure to look out for them.