Okay, puzzle 3. Ready?

This is partially adapted from the Seeing Stars "Sea of Stars" strategy. But instead of asking for sun count, I'm asking for game progress.

One of the flags I went through had a metal object overload. I ended up using a Cherry Bomb to dislodge a ladder. What's more, the Starfruit behind it had to be replaced. I've provided the sun count this time, so figure out the setup cost to find how many flags have passed. Good luck!

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 3

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 3

I need to make an apology. When I first posted this puzzle, I added the wrong screenshot. I have replaced it with the correct one, so the puzzle is now solvable. I will try to make sure this does not happen again. Because of my mistake, I'm resetting the 1-week deadline to today. Zombieman1350 (talk) 14:59, February 18, 2013 (UTC)

Not very many people posted answers, but I did promise to give the answer after one week. Do note that this may be a little lengthy to explain. Feel free to test this if needed.

Start by planting all four columns of Starfruit. Plant all of your Pumpkins in column 5. You don't have enough sun to plant and wake up all 6 Magnet-shrooms, so only plant them on land. You should have 300 sun.

End of Flag 2, 250 sun bonus brings you to 550. Plant and wake your remaining Magnet-shrooms. Wait until after Flag 2 to plant the final two Pumpkins. You have 200 sun.

End of Flag 2, you have 450. Plant your two Pumpkins, and you're back at 200.

During Flag 3, use a Cherry Bomb. You have 50 sun.

End of Flag 3. You jump to 300 sun. Dig up and replace a Starfruit. If you don't have 175 sun, you made a mistake somewhere.

There's your answer, 3 flags. Keep looking out, I have more puzzles for you.