Hey, I'm back, and with another puzzles for you. Are you up to it?

I tend to use the Super Gold Farming Variation 2 when I need to rack up $$$. I want to know from you how much sun I should have left putting down half of the plants. But don't cut the lawn in half just yet. There's a catch...

I put the plants down in a specific order and a specific pattern. The provided diagram shows both. You will notice the Gold Magnets are marked as both 4 and 5. That's because all 6 Magnet-shrooms were planted before upgrading even the first. Basically, all you need to do is follow the numbers and arrows to see what was planted where and when. Using the grid key, I also want you to tell me which plant and where marks the halfway point.

Seed costs have been blocked again, so you have homework. Just like last time, you have 1 week to answer and provide additional comments.

Zombieman1350 (talk) 18:13, February 6, 2013 (UTC)

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 2

Last Stand Screenshot Puzzle 2

Based on some of your posts, I've noticed a little confusion, so I'll try to better explain it...

Go to 1 and follow the arrow, which gives you the Lily Pads. Now follow arrow 2, which are the Tall-nuts. Follow the same process with 3-6. Since 4 and 5 are the same arrows, complete the arrow for Magnet-shrooms as 4, and the same with Gold Magnets as 5.

Figure out how many plants there are total and find the halfway point by following the pattern. I want the plant, position and remaining sun count once the halfway point is reached.

Okay, puzzle's over. Let's see how you did.

The grid for the pool levels is 9x6. A simple calculation will give you 54 squares. However, we cant use just that. Quite a few spaces have 2 plants on them.

Both pool lanes use 2 plants per square, so the 9x2 is actually 9x4, 36 plants. Even though land lanes are also 9x4, we need to add more to the 36. This currently brings us to 72.

The Tall-nuts in column 8 have Pumpkins around them, so that gives us 76. Now the Gold Magnets. There's 6 of them, but as we all know, they first require Magnet-shrooms. 6 more gives us 82 plants total. Half is 41, so which plant and square is it? That should take you to the Gold Magnet in B6.

Now that's the easy part. The hard part is the initial question, how much sun should be left? Let's work through the math.

The total for Lily Pads is 450, so we go down to 4550. Tall-nuts take up 1250, taking it down to 3300. Total for Pumpkins is 500, so we have 2800. Magnet-shrooms cost is 600, which gives us 2200. Lats of all are Gold Magnets. Halfway is B6, so we need 3 instead of 6. 150 cuts us down to a final total of 2050.

I plan on making more, so once it's posted, I put a link on this page. Be sure to check back...

Puzzle 3 in now uploaded! Click here.