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Invulnerable To Magnet-shrooms?

Okay, so the Magnet-shroom makes its return in Dark Ages Part 2. And as we know, they were a Buckethead's weakness in the original game. But in It's About Time, I'm a bit skeptical about two particular Bucketheads: the Pirate Seas zombie and the Ancient Egypt zombie.

The Pirate's bucket does have some metal in it, but it's mostly made of wood. Does the amount of wood conteract that of the metal, therefore making him invincible, or can he still be weakened?

And the Egyptian zombie...His bucket look similar to those kids normally take with them to the beach, and the kid's buckets are 98% of the time plastic. Are the zombie's buckets metal or plastic? Just by looking at it, I honestly can't tell.

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