Lately I've been doing alot more Minecraft than PvZ. But my liking for PvZ has not gone down, as I still play Pinata Party daily. But I had an idea of a new way to try to combine both games, and I don't mean the PvZ mod for Minecraft. Instead, a new version of PvZ that acts like Minecraft in that it will also accept mods of all kinds. What I mean is, user-created and user-programmed plants, zombies, areas, minigames, and so on. Might not sound too easy, but there have been Minecraft-based programs made to make the mods with. So there could be a program that would act that way, but instead, using it for PvZ. And if that happens, then we'd have a good use for the Character Creator Wiki. It may take alot of hard work, but i honestly don't think it's impossible.