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  • Zombieman1350

    I've got an idea of something helpful that could be implemented into Endless zones  We know by now that lawn mowers can allow us to win really difficult levels, and it really sucks when we end up losing one. So on the screen when we need to choose a card, and we're missing at least 1 lawn mower, the face-down card will occasionally allow us to replace one we've already lost. And since the "free face-down" glitch was removed, it makes it more well worth paying for that 4th card.

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  • Zombieman1350

    Taco Bandits Idea

    October 1, 2014 by Zombieman1350

    I thought of something Pop Cap could add to Taco Bandits: the Toxic Taco. There is a small chance a taco will spawn as a Toxic Taco with a purple cast to it, but you don't know it's toxic until you pick it up. If the zombies capture a Toxic Taco, it will counteract with a previously captured taco and bring the taco count down by one. Since a zombie cannot drop it by will, the other plants can just leave that zombie alone, giving the zombies a huge disadvantage. They can't get a fresh taco until that zombie either gets killed or captures the Toxic Taco.

    I suppose that another way the Taxic Taco can occur is if a specific plant has the ability to infect the taco while a zombie already has it, but they'll have to do it without killing the zomb…

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  • Zombieman1350

    Card Game Idea

    August 25, 2014 by Zombieman1350

    I have a free program on both my computer and my Android called Deckromancy. Basically, it's a program that allows you to create your own custom trading cards that act similar to Pokemon, YuGiOh, or anything of the like. So I figured, why not take PvZ and make a custom CCG out of it? Although I could technically do it all myself, it would end up taking too long. Do any of you think this could be a good idea, and if so, are you willing to help me out?

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  • Zombieman1350

    Okay, so the Magnet-shroom makes its return in Dark Ages Part 2. And as we know, they were a Buckethead's weakness in the original game. But in It's About Time, I'm a bit skeptical about two particular Bucketheads: the Pirate Seas zombie and the Ancient Egypt zombie.

    The Pirate's bucket does have some metal in it, but it's mostly made of wood. Does the amount of wood conteract that of the metal, therefore making him invincible, or can he still be weakened?

    And the Egyptian zombie...His bucket look similar to those kids normally take with them to the beach, and the kid's buckets are 98% of the time plastic. Are the zombie's buckets metal or plastic? Just by looking at it, I honestly can't tell.

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  • Zombieman1350

    Lately I've been doing alot more Minecraft than PvZ. But my liking for PvZ has not gone down, as I still play Pinata Party daily. But I had an idea of a new way to try to combine both games, and I don't mean the PvZ mod for Minecraft. Instead, a new version of PvZ that acts like Minecraft in that it will also accept mods of all kinds. What I mean is, user-created and user-programmed plants, zombies, areas, minigames, and so on. Might not sound too easy, but there have been Minecraft-based programs made to make the mods with. So there could be a program that would act that way, but instead, using it for PvZ. And if that happens, then we'd have a good use for the Character Creator Wiki. It may take alot of hard work, but i honestly don't thi…

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