• ZombieTron09

    Viking Voyage world idea! Well my Roman empire word is messed up so I have a different idea now! World Gimmick: It is a nighttime world, half the lawn is a wooden deck,the other half is water. Zombies will come on boats and sometimes Big viking ships will cover two Columms Of the water half of the lawn. The ships will switch places after a huge wave.

    Part 1-16 Levels. Part 1 Content.

    Put-Shroom: Grows to lob larger and larger mushrooms that do more damage. Recbarge:Fast. Damage:Normal,then Moderate,then heavy.Sun Cost:150.Unlocked after day 1.

    Enoki: Targets zombies of your choice, and shoots a mushroom that will come down and freeze all zombies a 3X3 area. You can use this ability twice, before Enoki must sleep and recharge his shots.Sun Co…

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