Hey, Guys! I have an idea for a test. Play the Online Hacked version of Plants vs Zombies. Press the "U" button on the keyboard to unlock Puzzle Mode if it's locked. Click on that button to play Vasebreaker. Try to beat the first 3 levels, but be careful of the Giga Football Zombies. If you can't kill them due to not enough Squash, simply press the "Restart Level" button. Keep trying to beat the levels, as it may take a few tries. Once you manage to beat the levels, you can find a vase with some Sun in it. Try to find it. If you do, click on the Sun. Now you can press the "6" button to have Unlimited Cherry Bombs. Keep playing until you lose or want to stop playing due to boredness. When you're done playing, come to this Blog and post your Streak. That's it!