Here are some of the hardest challenges end the world if you complete any of the ones level6-15+ than you should be in the records book for the others complete the correspond to the level now lets get started.

1.Get maximum tree of wisdom height(no cheats)

2.Get to flag 666,666,666,666 in survival endless

3.Let a gargantuar to the 5th coulmn without getting hit then kill it no instants.

4.Destroy dr.zomboss' revenge 100 times in a single day.

5.Make 100 zombatars then kill them all 20 times in a single day.

6.Defeat a roof level using only Cob cannon(with kernal pult),Cherry Bomb,Doom shroom,Sunflower,and Rake.

7.Make vs zombies charactor creator wiki PVZCC the game real.

More coming soon!