I am going to make my very own exam for PvZ.Also sign below the questions to write questions for da next exam.

Level 1

1.When do you not have sunflowers?

2.What is the fastest zombie?

3.What is your first instant kill?

Level 2

1.What is the zombie that can take the most instant kills?

2.Why is Fume-Shroom fighting zombies?

3.Can Marigolds give you dimonds?

Level 3(insanityly hard questions!!!)

1.Can zombies learn Karate?

2.What zombie is like Crazy Dave?(hint:there are 2 of them)

3.Can zombies explode?

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Zombie8888 22:55, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

Tricky Questions

1.Which plant does more DPS Winter Melon or Gatling Pea?

2.What was the deleted zombie?

Points people have

Homeowner=270 points

Point rules

Level 1=10 points

level 2=50 points

level3 or tricky=100 points

lotto win=5673 points


It is in between 1 and 100.


This exam ends on the end of the month next one starts on the 4th of July with a question exclusive to the forth!

There is also a question here only available on the start of summer.