Hello,Zombie8888 here I am going to give you challenges that you have to solve here they are...

The Challenges

  • Have a Zomboni eat your brains.Winner Gregory Exploit
  • Get $999,990.Winner Gregory Exploit
  • Complete Adventure Mode 10 times.
  • Get all the achievements.Winner Gregory Exploit
  • Complete Column Like you see em without using a Roof Cleaner.Winner Gregory Exploit
  • Deafeat Last Stand with upgrade plants only.Winner Gregory Exploit
  • Deafeat a Giga-Gargantuar without instant kills.
  • Get the Golden Sunflower Trophy in all versoins of PvZ that you can get it in.
  • Deafeat all of the survival hards without upgrade plants.
  • Deafeat Zombotany 2 without letting a zombie get past the 4th column from the left.