Zircon the Benign

aka Bamdad Torabi

  • Zircon the Benign

    Hello everybody, I'm Zircon, and in this blog I shall talk about an idea I have for the main page.

    If anyone else has noticed, we have a sort of limit for our Plants and our Zombies parts. Some Chinese Zombies don't appear, nothing about old plants with Pvz2: IAT looks are in there (like Cactus) and only new zombies appear in the box (for example, only Punk, Glitter and MC-ZOMB appear in it for the Neon Mixtape Tour Zombies). 

    I suggest we seperate the Pvz, PvzA, Pvz2 and Pvz2C for each one; meaning that although all four of the Peashooters, for each game, are present, they are seperated with into games, like the polls. Tabbers can take that much information and seperate them.

    I don't want any Supports or Opposes right now. I just want to seeā€¦

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