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April 2, 2014
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  • I live in Plantville
  • I was born on November 22
  • Yami 1up

    Season 1, Episode 1: DIGIMON FACE LOL

    MARIGOLD: LOL this show is so awesome!

    CRAZY DAVE: I finally learned how to talk normal!

    (Marigold slaps Crazy Dave)

    Me as the NARRATOR: In Marigold's imagination...

    DREAM ME: I love you, Marigold.

    DREAM MARIGOLD: I love you too, James.

    Me: Hey, Marigold, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!

    Marigold: Ok, fine.

    Giga-gargantuar: The gigas... are coming...

    Imp: Brains. I want brains. NOW!!!

    Giga-gargantuar: Oh, shut up.

    Peashooter and Me: Bring it on!

    Repeater: LOOK OUT!!

    Me as the Narrator: To be continued...

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