Hello im new here and i saw few people make custom worlds for pvz2 so here are my ideas :)

Stone Age:

Intro Dialogue:

Penny - We are in the Stone Age User Dave

Dave - Cavemen and Dinosaurs and no Taco!

Penny - We must find the Exit


Chomper - 150 Sun

Cactus - 100 Sun

Umbrella Leaf - 100 Sun

Cob Cannon - 400 Sun

Fly Trap - 50 Sun


Caveman Zombie

Caveman Cone Zombie

Caveman Buckethead Zombie

Caveman Flag Zombie


Dino Rider Imp

Swamp Zombie

Zombie Fly

Zombot Cave Buster

Construction of the Great Wall:

Intro Dialogue:


Cabbage Pult - 100 Sun

Fire Pea - 125 Sun

Brick Nut - 250 Sun

Lily Block - 0 Sun (Covers Cemment Tiles)

Pepper Bomb - 150 Sun


Chinese Zombie

Chinese Flag Zombie

Barrel Zombie

Torch Zombie

Cemment Zombie

Hammer Zombie

Ninja Zombie

Samurai Gargantaur

Ninja Imp

Zombot Brick Cutter

More to come!