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I've made this blog to show my strategies for Temple of Bloom. I'll be honest, when I first thought about the Lost City's zombies appearance in an Endless Zone, I was quite scared. However, as I played through it, I realized that you can easily get to Level 100, as long as you have the right strategy. Fortunately, it doesn't involve any money premium. If I was to rate the difficulty of this Endless Zone, I'd probably place it between Pyramid of Doom and Big Bad Butte.

Normal Strategy

This strategy is for any level without Porter Gargantuars.

The Plants

  • Twin Sunflower
  • Winter Melon
  • Laser Bean
  • Blover
  • Chard Guard
  • Ghost Pepper / Cherry Bomb (if you don't have Ghost Pepper)
  • Lava Guava

Start by planting Twin Sunflowers on the third and fourth column. Give the first Twin Sunflower as much Plant Food as the number of flags of the level, as in higher levels, you'll only get one zombie per flag that has Plant Food. Of course, you can use more Plant Food on early levels.

Use Lava Guava, Blover and Ghost Pepper / Cherry Bomb to kill the first zombies. When a stronger zombie appears or when you see the number of zombies starts increasing, you know it's time to plant Winter Melons on the first column and Laser Beans on the second column. Usually, you should plant Laser Beans only after you get a full column of Winter Melons, but if you see that Parasols or Skulls start causing trouble, Laser Bean will become the priority of the lane.

Chard Guards go on the fifth column. They will not only stall the zombies, but when Blover is used while he throws them, they will be blown away, just like airbone zombies. This combo is very useful, if things start getting out of hand.

The Zombies

Adventurer Zombie - Not a threat

Flag Adventurer Zombie - Not a threat

Conehead Adventurer Zombie - Not a threat, but you may want to pay more attention to him early on. Unlike regular zombies, these do not die from Ghost Pepper's explosion or Lava Guava's splashing lava.

Buckethead Adventurer Zombie - Can be hard to deal with. With full health, they survive both Ghost Pepper and Lava Guava. You should plant a Winter Melon when the first one appears, but if you want to plant them later, the Chard Guard + Blover combo should do the trick.

Lost Pilot Zombie - Unlike Low Tides in Big Wave Beach, Parachute Rain doesn't bring these zombies too close to the house. Unless there are other zombies that need to be blown, don't use Blover on them, as he will only make them fall and start eating your plants. When you first see them, you should either make use of Ghost Pepper or Lava Guava or plant a Winter Melon. Because of a glitch, Chard Guard will ignore these zombies most of the time, meaning that he won't throw them.

Lost City Imp Zombie - Despite being as tough as Adventurer Zombie, these guys can destroy your Twin Sunflowers if you don't take care of them quickly. They spawn in a bigger number than Adventurers, in different lanes and are slightly faster. Ghost Pepper and Lava Guava are the best solution against them at the beginning, as these plants affect three lanes.

Excavator Zombie - Another enemy for Chard Guard. This zombie will go at full speed to your house, throwing back most of the plants he encounters. He won't run into Chard Guard, but just stop and throw him away as well. He ignores Ghost Pepper and Lava Guava, so once again, use them at the beggining. Later on, they won't be much of a threat.

Parasol Zombie - The main reason why Winter Melon is not perfect. Probably the most annoying zombie in this Endless Zone. When you first see them, you should just treat them as regular zombies. Ghost Pepper and Lava Guava are the answer. The only difference is that Lava Guava's splashing lava will not kill full health Parasol Zombies. Once you get a Laser Bean in each lane, they won't be a problem anymore, but using Ghost Pepper and Lava Guava to kill them faster is also advised.

Bug Zombie - Blover, nuff said. Make a constant use of Blover, as it will be harder to deal with the Adventurers after the bug dies.

Imp Porter - Although they aren't too hard, you should kill them before they get the chance to put the tents. Don't forget that they only put their tents on the Sun Tiles.

Turquoise Skull Zombie - Plant Ghost Pepper or Lava Guava near them when they start stealing the sun. Although they seem dangerous, you won't have to worry about them once you have a full column of Laser Beans. They may be able to burn your Chard Guards, but that rarely happens.

Relic Hunter Zombie - Do NOT let them land under any circumstances. They can wreck your lawn faster than you think. Blover them away!

Gargantuar Strategy

The strategy here is pretty much the same as the one without Porter Gargs. If you have Ghost Pepper, take Coconut Cannon instead of Lava Guava. If you don't have her, take Coconut Cannon instead of Cherry Bomb.

The beginning is the same as the one presented above. However, Gargs can appear before the first flag, as well. The best solution for early Gargs is the Chard Guard + Blover combo. You must pay attention, as Gargantuars have a different hitbox than the regular zombie's. In order to make sure you will get the Blover timing right, you should practice a little. Once you know when to plant him, you're good to go.

Getting a full column of Laser Beans is also more important here, as Excavators and Skulls will easily wipe out your plants without it.

As the level goes on, you should try to kill as many Gargs as possible with the Chard Blover combo. If you have at least 3500 Sun, you can start using Coconut Cannons too. Plant them near the Gargs, attack and quickly dig them up after that. You'll deal a good amount of damage for the cost of 200 Sun. I personally use the Coconut Cannons only when the Gargantuars are near the fourth column, but you can also use them earlier if you want.

Finally, don't forget about the constant use of Blover and Ghost Pepper / Lava Guava.

ToB - 100

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it helped.