Heck, Yeah!

I got to level 100 in Arthur's Challenge a few weeks ago, but I've finally managed to beat 100 levels in the hardest EZ today. No premiums, but I had to use Boosters sometimes.

My Strategy

  • Twin Sunflower
  • Winter Melon
  • Melon-pult (no Chickens) / Lighting Reed (Chickens) / Laser Bean (Prospectors, but no Chickens and no Gargs).
  • Magnifying Grass
  • Cherry Bomb
  • Infi-nut (no Gargs)
  • Puff-shroom (Only Gargs)
  • Blover (Only Gargs or Prospectors)

Always take Power Toss, when you have to pick a card. If it is not there, take either the Extra Sun or Power Zap. Never take Power Snow, as it is almost useless.

Plant the Twin Sunflowers on the 4th, 5th and 6th column (if you can). Delay the first zombies, by planting Infi-nuts on the 6th or 7th column and kill early ones with Cherry Bomb. If there is a cart on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd column, plant a Magnifying Grass on it and kill the rest of the zombies with it, until you have enough sun for Winter Melons. If Chicken Wranglers are coming, you should plant 2 Lighting Reeds before Winter Melons.

Kill early Zombies with Puff-shrooms in Garg levels. When the first Garg comes in, don't kill him immediately. Delay him as much as you can with Puff-shrooms, so you will be able to produce a lot of sun. Later in the level, delay Gargs with both Puff-shrooms and Magnifying Grasses. Use Cherry Bombs on groups of Gargs and weaken them with MGs. Use Blover to get rid of Imps while in mid-air and MG to kill the ones that manage to land.

If a Chicken level is only 1 flag long, don't bother planting Winter Meons. Instead, plant 2 columns of Lighting Reeds and one of Magnifying Grasses.

During Prospector levels, MGs should always come in the very back. Laser Beans are anti-Prospector, so take them in non-Gargs and non-Chickens levels. If you hear that one managed to jump, quickly plant a Blover. Turning off the music will help. If they manage to get to the back, you can dig the MGs up and easily replace them and kill the Prospectors before they eat the next plant.


Never try to take on a Gargantuar level, where the first or second column is occupied by carts. It might be possible with Premiums, but if you don't have them, it's better not to try to do it.



... I'll move on to Vasebreaker Endless. I'm happy that I'm done with BBB. It is my least favorite EZ, but I really wanted to get to the 100th level in every EZ.

Thank you for reading this.