Zombies vs plants is a pun on Plants vs Zombies so lets begin!


Dr. Edgar George Zomboss sent you (and an army of zombies) to go house after house collecting brainz for him

facing boss battles and... plants!

Zombies (day)

Browncoat=peashooter (your daily and cheapest attack force)

Grave=sunflower (produces brains not brainz)

Jack in the box zombie=cherry bomb (explodes after walking)

conehead zombie=wall nut (little stronger then browncoat)

pole vaulting zombie=potato mine (Vaults over plants)

slower zombie=snow pea (slows plants when eating them)

Shovel zombie=chomper (digs up plants but takes time to clean shovel)

Bucket head=repeater (stronger than conehead)


these are your worst foes

peashooter(fires peas)

sunflower (produces sun that creates plants)

cherry bomb (explodes)

wall nut (protects plants)

potato mine (explodes killing zombies but needs to prepare)

snow pea (slows down zombies)

chomper (eats zombies but takes time to chew)

repeater( fires two peas)

warrior gatling (boss) also credit goes to Charmande red321 for idea

Zombies (night)

  • Newspaper Zombie=puff shroom (walks slowly, then attacks at high speed when newspaper is destroyed)
  • Growing gravestone=sun shroom (grows, producing more brains)
  • screendoor zombie=fume shroom (walks with a super protective sheild)
  • Football zombie=gravebuster(runs at high speed with a protective helmet)
  • Magicain Zombie=hypno-shroom(hynotizes the first plant he meets)
  • disco zombie=scaredy shroom(summons backup dancers to help him "lay down the beat")
  • icehead zombie=ice shroom (his icy head protects him from icy attacks)
  • soilder zombie=doom shroom (avoids explosive attacks)


  • puff shroom(cheap plant but dissapears after a while)
  • sun shroom(produces small sun grows over time)
  • fume shroom (his fumes pass through screen doors)
  • gravebuster(eats a grave)
  • scaredy shroom (long range shooter, becomes scared when zombies are close)
  • ice-shroom(freezes all zombies on screen)
  • doom shroom (explodes like a  nuke baby! but leaves a crater)
  • chompasaurus rex (boss)


  • digger zombie now resembles prospecter zombie more now
  • foot ball zombies now kick footballs at low health
  • chompasaurus rex being a night boss is a refrence to jurrasic park
  • soilder zombie,foot ball zombie,digger zombie,and dolphin riders are upgrade-able to their garden warfare version(ex: dolphin rider=marine bio)