Day ages is the day variant of Dark Ages,same as the night version but with sun falling from the sky,also epclips happens from time to time.

name pic Description plant food upgrade recharge sun cost
fires from a distance,but hides when zombies are near fires 60 spores,also becoming brave for a minute fast 25
lobbes projectiles at a steady rate, but slowly increasing, and lobbing more projectiles over time. similar to other catapults fast 100
zoom shroom deflects projectiles steals other plants projectiles,then fires it at the strongest zombie onscreen mediocre 225
Dart shroom fires darts with different effects fires 30 darts. mediocre 150
name image Description toughness speed
cavalry zombie
Cavalry Zombie2
Can launch his zombie rider past most of your defenses. hardened Speedy (before launching Knight Zombie)Stiff (after launching Knight Zombie)
archmage zombie
Archmage Zombie2
casts magical spells on your defenses Average Stiff