Just a new thing i'm doing. Most of you already know this stuff, but this may be helpful for new users. Should i add this on the main page and introduction templates. Also this is in construction.anyways:

Hi! This is how to do stuff on pvz wiki.If you're new this'll be a good blog for you. This will teach you the basics and everything on this wiki. Some stuff i say will work on other wikis.

How to edit

First let's go to editing, which we encourage you to do. Go to a page and click edits.I'll go to basics. There is visual and source in the editer. visual is somewhat visual, though some stuff won't work on it. Currently wikia is making it more visual and like wikiapedia's visual editer. You can see it on angry birds wiki, which have been selected to test the new visual editer. Source is where you edit in html.You don't have to be a html pro to use source. Visual is not enabled on ipads. Now it's more complicated on iphone. You have to go the bottom and click "full site" every time you go on to edit. It sucks, i know. Now there are cool stuff. Some stuff on templates which i'll explain later. But let's think about non templates. to make a new part, put in text and two == in before and after. you should do ==text== . now how did i say that without a new part? type in <nowiki> text </nowiki>. To make a link you have to type [[page]] . We have our plant links colored by MediaWiki:Wikia.css. Now for font colors. do <font color=red> mah really uncute text! </font color> to make mah really uncute text . to make a poll, type in <poll> question vote 1 vote 2 however much more you want to add </poll> .Infoboxes are templates, and will be explained on the template part.Bold,Italics,And underlines are done by looking at the top lol.

==Creating a page==click the arrow on contribate at the top of any page, and then click create a page. same goes with making a blog. making comments is like a editer as well.