Well i do not mean the thing where you vote for which is better/stronger etc. this is different.

So what you need to do is pick if you want to play as plants or zombies.There is 3 groups:Bureacrat,admin,and anything else (there was gonna be a chat moderator group too but there isn't really that much active chat mods and the active chat mods aren't so active so those go with rollback and normal) whichever is picked the most get it.note that is one zombie group and two plants. every week i will play from zombies to's like pvz sorta but sun comes every 3 hours (and brains) which means you can get 300 sun/brains in one day. recharge time is what their sun is so for example potato mine has 25 minutes to recharge. zombies will take way longer to get to the house obvisualy and plants will shoot slower.Note that it takes place in day and wait... you say you can troll with infinite puff-shrooms? nice try but they take a hour instead of no recharge. anyways there is very little time (like 1 day) to vote before it starts. plants and zombies from pvza can be used but i suck at pvza so i can't do this by just me.another user can be a manager.they will start as a no team plant person and change every week. you can request to be one AND say which team at the same time.the zombies team can play with 10 rows but plants have 5 (like day) rows for the teams to be correct. anyone can do something for the team.i am a manager with somebody else instead of just going simple and being the admins group.if you are promoted you can stay with your team but it is extremely recommended you get to the team you should be in.Say column whatever and row whatever for planting.

now what can managers do? they can ban people from the game and can update the playfield. they change every week from zombies to plants or plants to zombies.

Say your pick and if you want to be a manager quickly!