So after thinking of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? ProcastinatorMan and Me style, I figured "Why not compare the whole movie to the whole wiki?"

So, here I go

Elsa - ProcastinatorMan - Elsa stayed inside for an unknown amount of time for fear, due to personal problem/thoughts. ProcastinatorMan left the wiki for an unknown amount of timedue to personal problem/thoughts. Sound Familar?

Anna - Me - I really want PM's problem to be fixed so he can come back, similar to Anna. And the other reasons, I won't bother to say.

Elsa and Anna's Dad and Mom's - Thqumayn or howevver you spell it as mom, Moon Snail as the dad - They're both so inactive that THEY'RE DEAD! And The parents, THEY'RE DEAD!

Kristoff and Sven - MVZMW for Kristoff, Minh for Sven. They both know each other in real life, so why now show them both at times.

Hans - Nazi Peashooter - Remeber what he did? It's so bad that he gets the role.

The Duke of Weasel Town - Nathania - He was also evil, so why not?

Duke's henchmen - Cyprind and The Greatness (From the Roleplay Wiki) - Evil, again

The guy at the trading post - Pvzbeast234 - The guy kicks Kristoff out, and PVZBEAST "Lifts", so lol

Marshmellow - Drek - Just seems fitting

Olaf - Starfruity - Also seems fitting

By now, I used most of the characters that actually do something, and there's still so much characters...... So.,.... How do I do it? Magic...

Grandpappy troll - MignightHawk - Fits with his niceness and peaceness

Pabbie - Mileprower2 - IDK

Little Baby Troll - WinterMagnet - IDK

Everyone else - Random trolls - I needed to place everyone somewhere