The orignal one is now back with new added stuff. All progress from before is removed. What was this? Well, you would say a number between 1-30 (now it's 1-100) and they would get a present. It would give them certain points.

Well, now it's back! The added stuff is: 

Shop!:You can buy plants, zombies,and boosts! This is used for the game part.

Games are where you play pvz but in comments. You are also allowed to do it in chat if you wish. You will get diffrent amounts of points by doing stuff. To get plants, you must buy them for infinite usage. 

Mini-Games!:You can do something in the pvz games (real ones) and get points by it!

More presents!:100 presents!

Also random stuff inside it.

Prsents are done and you can get one each day!

Taken presents:




1.Hoanganhminh: 200 points

2. HeatBallerZ: 50 points.


Sunflower:2 points


Cherry bomb:425 points

Wall-nut:112 points

Plant food (infinite and from glowing zombies):500 points

Potato mine:72 points

Aspeargas=40 Points

Snow Pea= 82 Points

Bloomerang=49 points

Chomper=-2 points

Iceberg Lettuce=90 Points

Repeater (pvz1)=100 points

Beet=121 Points

Bonk choy=234 Points

Rest coming soon!